Peace On Earth?

The Parable of the Animal Sanctuary

By Matthew Delooze

I had this conversation with a 14 -year-old Kennel Maid, she was standing a mere 4’ 6” tall, whilst I was in a very, very noisy animal sanctuary, looking for my lost dog, Nippur, to take him home.

Me.  " How the hell do you cope with this noise lass?  Do you ever get any Peace?"


Girl.  "There is never ever any real peace here and never will be. The noise is always up and down, they all think they are top dog 'in a strange place'. Anything can start the madness, the noise and the chaos off."


Me. " Do the dogs ever settle down and get on with each other?"


Girl.  "Yes, sometimes, if I can pair dogs up well, it’s quiet for a while occasionally, but never for long, visitors are coming and going, captured dogs are in and out, most stay here forever. They ALL get very rattled at the slightest noise".


Me.  "What sets off the madness the most"


Girl. The dog in each kennel simply wants to fight the other dogs in their kennels.  It is that which causes the madness. They never, ever, ever give up wanting to be top dog.

 Me. "What sets off the biggest happiest noise?"


Girl. "When an owner or an adopter turns up and they ALL BLOODY WELL THINK THEY ARE GOING HOME!  They literally scream to be released from their Sanctuary."



Wouldn't YOU Scream To Be Released If Your Owner Or Adopter Tries To Find You & Take You Back  Home?

I realise most folks are not interested in parables, they simply can’t work out their meanings, never mind create one. Indeed, they are meaningless silly nonsense to most folks.


I understood this parable around 18 years ago, during the early days of my awakening, whilst I was being spiritually educated, or of course, whilst I was suffering the initial onset of madness. I did send a version of it to a friend or two recently. I now publish it.


If I had a choice and the means to send this Parable of the Animal Sanctuary to anyone, it would be sent to those running main Christian Religions, it would be sent to the same running the Mosques, and of course the same running the Synagogues, with special delivery mail to the Talmudic psychopaths that hide within and behind all three. The Parable of the Animal Sanctuary is for the Sages and the Magicians.


For those that are interested in parables. I tell them the Animal Sanctuary is this world, the dogs are human beings, the different kennels hold different races and different religions. The Girl is innocence. The Owner is God. The Adopter is a fisher of men.


I say, the days are coming when it doesn’t matter who’s the top dog in this world. It doesn’t matter what kennel of sanctuary you bark in, stand in, shit in or even ‘scoff’ in. If the owner of your real home turns up, or your genuine adopter appears, you will scream and scream and scream to just ‘go home.’


But, of course, The Parable of the Animal Sanctuary can be anything you or your heart wants to see it as. As always, it is supplied to help those with eyes and ears and, as always, sent with love.


Simply laugh at it if you like, at least it provided you with a little happiness if you do. 


Can I ask anyone connected to main stream religion, or have friends that are, to supply their Temple leader or the religious person with the Parable of the Animal Sanctuary, without the interpretation supplied by its author, and ask them what they think? I don’t need or want to know their answer, but it might be interesting for you to hear.


May Love Reign O’er You.


Matthew Delooze


16th November 2020.


Coming In Spring 2021

The Past Is Calling

'I will walk any desert to find my Rain; and the Gates of Hades shall not prevail against me'.

Matthew Delooze November 2007